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Haircuts and styles at Inspiration hair & beauty salon in Worcester

hair cuts & styles, inspiration hair & beauty salon in Worcester

Creating the perfect hair cut and style isn’t just about taking a pair of scissors and cutting away, there are many deciding factors (and years of training) when it comes to achieving the perfect hair cut.

Taking into account the balance of your facial features and your face shape ensures we advise you on the best hair cut and style that will enhance and compliment you as an individual.

Our highly trained stylists at Inspiration hair & beauty salon in Worcester have many tools at their disposal to create a great hair cut.

Clippers, razors and scissors change the shape of your hairstyle whilst adding more volume and texture.  They create more body and density along with movement.

Your experienced hair stylist will use some if not all of these tools to create the perfect hair cut as the direction of growth, hair density and texture varies between your crown, fringe, neck and sides.

Which hair cut or style would suit me?

expert hair cuts & styling, worcester hair & beauty salon The latest hair fashions come and go.  Whilst a recent celebrity endorsed hair trend might be perfect for one person, it isn’t always the best hair cut and style for the next.  Our straight talking expert hair stylists will advise on hairstyles that are up-to-date and suitable for you as an individual.

Some hair cutting techniques can cleverly disguise facial or body features. For example:

  • Softer, graduated sides with hair swept onto the face can disguise a larger noticeable nose.
  • Graduation techniques will help make a short neck appear longer
  • Soft waves or short textured cuts with extra width balance long and oval face shapes

Short hair cuts

short hairstyles, Inspiration hair & beauty salon, WorcesterPrecision cutting is required from any stylist that creates any short hair cut or style as small imperfections and variations are more obvious.

On the advice of our expert stylists, sexy short crops, pixie cuts and dramatic chops could be the right thing to really enhance your facial features and your face shape.

Short hairstyles are now more versatile then ever, especially with the fantastic range of hair styling products available.  With the right product and a little know-how you can transform your short hair cut from a daytime look to a more dramatic evening style in a jiffy!  

Medium length hair cuts

gorgeous red bob, hair cuts at Inspiration hair & beauty salon, WorcesterWhether cutting hair that will end up in tousled waves to poker straight, mid-length hair is easy to style and maintain

Medium or mid length hair cuts and hairstyles are perfect for a busy working girl who likes to wear it up by day and down to party at night.

Bobs remain a popular medium-length hairstyle with women and can be worn many different ways.  Consider adding waves, slick your hair back, wear it poker-straight or with a big bouncy blow dry.

Add a sensational hair colour to further enhance your hairstyle.  Talk to your stylist or colour technician about how to get the best from your hairstyle.  We are here to help!

Long hairstyles

Hair Cuts & StylingThe hair trend for long hair cuts and styles are here to stay.  Whether natural or achieved with extensions there is a certain fascination and femininity when it comes to long hair cuts and styles.

From hippy, grunge and bohemian to formal classical styling, the long hair trend reigns supreme.  Loose waves and subtle layers creating that slightly disheveled look remain bang on trend with a huge movement towards braids and plaits gracing the catwalks and magazines the world over.

Long hair enables you to be versatile when it comes to up-do styles like buns, beehives and more complex braids.



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